Green Roof Project

In busy Saft Al Laban, Mish Madrasa is finding new ways to promote a healthy environment by constructing a garden in the most unlikely of places: on the roof. While discussing the new garden, Amir was excited to begin: “we will get to learn about science and the earth.” Laughing, Youssef added “and we’ll get to play!”


In November, children worked alongside HSBC and RISE
volunteers to being the foundation for the Green Roof. A Green Roof is a garden that has become a popular addition to urban rooftops. Once completed, Mish Madrasa’s Green Roof will not only provide fresh food: volunteer teachers plan to teach lessons about plants, science, and teamwork.

Fatma learning about building flower-beds.
Building flower-beds

Volunteers sat with Mish Madrasa students and teachers to plan the new space. “We wanted to ensure there was enough space for children to learn,” said Mostafa Wafa. “It’s been a great experience working with these children,” said Starr, a vital project coordinator.

Construction is on hold as safety is assessed. In the meantime, planning continues as students are educated on the importance of the environment and the importance of teamwork. “We have to work together,” said Fatma, “so that our garden will be strong.”

“We want to send our thanks to HSBC, RISE, and AUC,” Mish Madrasa adds. “Without their support, leadership, and guidance, this would not be possible.”


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