Green Roof: Phase II

Every other day, students at Mish Madrasa run flying up eight flights of stairs to track the progress of their seedlings. Proudly, Fatma exclaimed, “My plant has grown 2cm! It’s because I’ve been caring for it so well.”

Bebo was excited to learn about the garden. “Is this private property? Who owns the plants?” he asked. “We all do,” says Sharifa, “it’s all of ours to share.”

The garden was planted by RIISE volunteers, students and Mish Madrasa teachers last month. The group split into two teams to help plant the seedlings into the garden boxes arranged on the roof.  Day after day, the children return to the roof to check on the plants’ progress.

“We have been learning about plants in science class,” says science teacher Hazem, who is from the Saft Al Laben neighborhood. “Students have been learning about the importance of preserving the environment as well as working together and the benefits of hard work.”

Learning about Plants and Roots Green Roof Phase II
Learning about plants and roots.

The first to be ready for harvest: el ne3na3, mint. “We made tea with mint, shay ne3n3a!” says Zyad. “It was delicious, all of our hard work was put in that cup.”

In the weeks to come, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers are expected to grow, along with other vegetables. The Mish Madrasa community will learn about the importance of healthy diets, preparing healthy food, and the benefits of hard work.


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