Out Of The Ordinary recycling class

Thanks to the Cairo Goethe-Institut’s project, FuturePerfect, we at Mish Madrasa were able to bring ideas about recycling, sustainability and re-use to the children in Saft al-Leban.

First of all, we asked the children, “What do we need at Mish Madrasa? How can we improve Mish Madrasa; make it greener, better?”

The students came back with ideas — lots of them. But, most of all, they felt Mish Madrasa needed more space.

Out of a pile of recycled materials — wooden palettes, pieces of scrap metal and discarded plastic — Mish Madrasa started working on a new classroom space for the children. Wooden palettes turned into tables and benches; and metal and plastic was used to craft a ceiling and structure for the new classroom space.

The children themselves went hard to work, too; getting involved in the project by putting together a rota for who works when and for how long.

And now we have a new classroom!

Mish Madrasa now has a 60-meter rooftop learning space with two large tables and eight benches — all made out of recycled materials — where the children can now come during the da23y to study, or play dominos and Monopoly after class. There’s a plan to start screening movies up on the roof once we’ve got hold of a projector.

Mish Madrasa would like to thank Goethe-Institut for their collaboration in this project.


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