Our students new brilliant idea.

The students at Mish Madrasa have come together to create their own philosophy curriculum.
They conducted their own research online, using the background knowledge they’d been exposed to at Mish Madrasa during the course of the last two years.
The students made a list of Greek, Arab, modern European, Egyptian as well as contemporary philosophers; printing out the pictures of all these thinkers and posting them on the classroom walls, before writing a hand-out with a brief biography of each philosopher. The children then drew lines connecting all of the intellectuals they’d read about.
“Everything we have comes from these great people’s ideas,” said Emir.
Shahed added that, “People from different cultures and religions took part in the process of our progress.”
That’s our approach at Mish Madrasa: to encourage our students to think globally, helping them to become global citizens.
We’re so proud of our students and the way they look at the world. Now, the children want to continue applying this new approach of creating their own courses on all the other subjects.


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